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the future replacement domestic to the the ws18 and more advanced engine load will be further improved. p according to reports

; 20 ; I love Nike air foamposite pro Lou Xiaoqing ; ; ;;;;;; If amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; shipped 20 transport aircraft appeared in one of the northern airport amp; amp; amp; the picture from the network integrated media reports, large
Blake Griffin Shoes II Men Online Sale transport aircraft transport 20 of the development work completed means the model is about to begin setting I buy Nike air foamposite one audit, most likely this year the official service. At present, C17 has been discontinued, Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men so the 20 is still in the production of the
Blake Griffin Shoes Online Sale world’s largest and strongest military transport aircraft. Transport 20 by the first Design Institute of China Aviation Development installed 4 sets of the Russian D30 turbofan engine, maximum takeoff weight of 180200 tons, maximum load weight of about 60 tons, the future replacement domestic to the the ws18 and more advanced engine load will be further improved. p according to reports, materials will be sent directly to the hands of the frontline troops, the machine the complex three slotted flaps Nike Air Max Sale For kids design, landing in the 900 meters
Mens Blake Griffin Shoes II Blue Red long field airport runway. Compared with the prior to the use of PLA Il76 transport aircraft, transport 20 of the width of the cargo hold from 3.4 meters increased to 4 meters, transportation vehicle width is usually not more than 3.5 meters of main battle tanks, intercontinental missile launch vehicles almost all main battle equipment, flexibility has been greatly improved. As the key equipment of the air force, the development of 20 is very fast. February 2007, China’s State Council approved the principle of large aircraft development of major scientific and technological special project. In June of the same year, the project was formally approved I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women by the large transport aircraft, code 072 project. In January 26, 2013, 20 prototype first flew successfully completed flight, and in 3 years. The development of the machine has been so successful, one of the important reasons is to get a lot of technical support. p remember the 1980s, Soviet Antonov Design Bureau developed the an70 transport aircraft, the aircraft maximum takeoff weight of 132 tons, performance is better than 2013 serving European a400m transport. Although somewhat lower tonnage, but Ann 70 of the width
Blake Griffin Elite Shoes Men Online Sale of the cargo hold, soluble product are substantially more than the takeoff weight greater Il76, and Ann 124 together as the Russians in the early 21st century the main conveyor. In the transport of 20 of pre research stage, in the hospital has been the Antonov Design Bureau, technical support, a number of references to the an70 transport aircraft body structure, so that it can make up for the defects of the lack of their own experience, the rapid development of technical difficulty is far more than an 8 transport 20. 20 is the most important equipment of the Chinese air force in I like Nike foamposite one early twentyfirst Century.

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