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the local police in eastern Germany Dessau – Ross work area

Police cordoned off the place Li Yangjie lifetime photos (data
Kevin Durant Shoes plan) according to the German "Bild" May 13 report, the local police in eastern Germany Dessau – Ross work area (Saxony Anhalt) search and rescue a lost contact with the Chinese girl found his body. A police spokesman said on Friday: "we believe that the bodies were found to have lost contact with the Chinese girls." Li Yangjie, the victim’s body was found at a distance of less than one hundred
Nike Air Force Ones Shoes meters from the student apartment where she lived. Police have not revealed the cause of the woman’s death and buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online whether or not to be subjected to violence against death. But according to the news of the corpses were found when naked, violence hit the dead. Earlier, the police had to search for the girl to make a lot of work. She disappeared after running on Wednesday night, and the police received a report from a friend of the deceased on Thursday. After the deceased police along the route search habits, and even dispatched helicopters and dogs. According to a spokeswoman, Friday’s search for the concentration in the Friedensplatz Anhalt theatre AnhaltischenTheaters and peace square, area. According to Mittelde
kids Nike Air Max Zero 151022054utscheZeitung news, in the i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes end, the police in the Peace Plaza near Houseman Avenue (Hausmannstraß e a bush) found the dead, but did not disclose the specific findings. The area was blocked. According to the German Chinese business 13, WeChat news, May 11th, in the eastern part of Germany, Germany Shao (Dessau) study of Chinese girls Li i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes Yangjie went running at night without return. 12, German police received her missing report began to release the news, and to mobilize hundreds of police officers in the city to find. According to German law, a person lost contact with 24 hours after the treatment can be in accordance with the missing. 12, a buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online lot of German Chinese WeChat group published the news of the disappearance of Li Yangjie, and attached her photos. Local students will also be i like air max shoes reported to the Chinese Embassy in the German Embassy for help, the consulate staff also immediately notify the local Chinese with WeChat, hoping to help find. It is understood that Li Yangjie of Anhalt University of Applied Sciences Dessau Chinese students. Police according to the clues, Li Yangjie go for a run when wearing black pants, white grey shirt, black sneakers, usually used to running routes from Dessau City, after a city park and Museum District retrace. The police dispatched a helicopter and search
Kids Nike Air Max Shoes dogs along the way. Anhalt University of Applied Sciences (HochschuleAnhalt) of the campus is divided into three: Cothen, Dessau and bernburg. Here is the former East, local residents have always been very exclusive. 12 years ago there was a Chinese students at Cothen by a group of German youth playing in a coma. So, do not rule out the possibility of Li Yangjie’s death caused by extremist attacks. According to the analysis of the pillars of the workers of Germany students studying in Germany @, German police and equipment are relatively short, can in buy air max shoes online a short period of time detection has become a big question. In addition, according to the analysis of Mr. Liu Guijiang from Tianjin, the school is located in East Germany, the visa is relatively easy. A man named von · Dietrich (alias Feng Dalv) and Ms. Li, a Tianjin born cooperation outside school.

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