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The ninetieth phase: 2016 after the election of new board of the world in 2016 is an election year

The ninetieth phase: 2016 after the election of new board of the world in 2016 is an election year, this year in the United States, Japan, Taiwan and other countries and regions will hold elections, but the most notable is the u.s The United States this election show surprise against the two major political family under the buy air max shoes online drama? [with] eightyninth: enter the aging society China ready? According to i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes estimates, in 2050, Chinese workers dependency ratio from the current 3 employees support one retiree, into 1.5 workers to support one retiree. China has prepared for entering
Nike Air Max 95 Men Shoes the aging society ready? [with] eightyeighth game: Russia and the United States will open a new round of cold war? In the face of the current domestic trouble and foreign invasion, known as polar bear the national will to resist, and how with the biggest Duel rival, the United States must compete with it? [with] eightyseventh: entrepreneurs in the winter has really come? With the fall in the Chinese stock market collapse, the venture capital market is gradually cooling, originally up for grabs entrepreneurs, suddenly found investors no longer frequent visits. Do entrepreneurs winter has really come? [with] 86: the new Bureau of Korean Peninsula buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online over the years, China to North Korea whether economic aid and political support may pay a heavy, but North Korea Kim Jong Un
Mens Nike Air Max 95 20th 160128075came to power but with China drifting further and further away. [with] the bus to the success of the reform is only one way can walk in vehicles have changed in the process, we also can not be ignored, for many years the bus chaos is banned repeatedly more than, one of the root causes is to supervise the punishment strength weak, law is not responsible for the masses. [with] the 85: I told American hawks of the dialogue as a phoenix international think tank, the first phase of the highend interview one of the guests, general Luo Yuan and wellknown U.S. diplomatic issues expert Teng Jianqun, read in conjunction with 9 months learning Olympics for China and i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes the United States and the world
Nike Air Max 2010 Men Shoes what kind of message transfer. [with] the 84: the United States to Japan romantic fantasy, China, September 3, the big parade vigorous; Japan due to the lifting of the ban on collective selfdefense right and new security bill become the target of public criticism; Taiwan, as Lee has thrown the pro Japanese remarks quarreling a piece. [detailed] eightythird: Andouble ruined the Sino Japanese relations? Abe’s apology buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online appears to still is playing word games, there is no clear attitude and admit their mistakes, and sincere apology, inherent in the Japanese view of history and historical values can change? The deterioration of Sino Japanese relations is the key to Andouble itself? [detailed] eightysecond: Research on different view of the
Nike Air Max 2009 Men Shoes historical value of China Japan never stop, whether it is truly the key hinder the development of Sino Japanese relations? How the next Sino Japanese relations will develop? The 81 issue of [with]: how to treat the 70th anniversary of the war of resistance against Japan and Japan Guo Songmin, Zhangwen, two views of different experts in the field of battle, historical, tongue debate positively skewed, perhaps will bring we of the war of resistance i like air max shoes against Japan and Japan different cognition and thinking. [with] the 80: Asia is who Asia in the United States to compete with China for under, South Korea’s feeling is very obvious, they often laments: whales fight, shrimp back flowering. The world powers under siege of the dilemma of Korean peninsula. Such countries in Asia as well as what? For us in Asia.

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