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the patient was treated with transcatheter closure of giant tumor of the thoracic cavity

See visitors visit blog: 593680 bloggers integral: 3305 Bowen number: 293 opening time:: August announcement media reports from last month on the 27th to December Nike Air Max Sale For kids 15, was invited to continuous Jiangsu Nantong first people’s Hospital, Liaoning Anshan Iron and Steel General Hospital, guidance
Kids Jordan 12 Air Max Shoes Online Sale of Xiangtan City First People’s hospital were 5 sets of minimally invasive tumor cryoablation ablation and particle implantation surgery. Argon helium knife tumor ablation minimally invasive treatment previously belong to third types of medical technology, needs to be approved by the guardian Planning Commission and the current threshold has been canceled by the State Council, so the vast majority of conditional hospital can be carried out. Radioactive seed implants, although it is also belong to the third categories of medical technology, but because of its radioactive environmental impact assessment of the current domestic only a small part of the provincial general hospital is eligible for. This period of time were invited to go I like Nike foamposite one to Jiangsu, Hunan, Liaoning and the three major hospitals guidance for minimally invasive tumor of argon helium knife and particle implantation in the treatment of also shows that countries reduce class III medical technical threshold policy to gradually produce results. But because of the large hospitals before has not had cryocare ablation surgery and particle implantation surgery, beginning i
Kids Air Jordan 12 KJ1202nitial stage by expert mentoring to ensure that the quality and effect of operation, for further tumor minimally invasive ablation treatment has a certain foundation, but also beneficial to patients to build confidence. There have been some private hospitals and public hospitals have been short of the implementation of such treatment, but because of their own development, the effect of surgery to do not have the confidence to continue to do later doctors. And a small part of the comprehensive public hospitals, due to strong technical force, patients with large base and gradually carried out, for the argon helium knife this minimally invasive, environmental protection and efficacy of the I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women exact treatment carried forward to make a contribution. My first stop is the first people’s Hospital of Nantong City, Jiangsu, is a chondrosarcoma of thoracic metastasis of large
Kids Air Jordan 13 Shoes Online Sale tumors, about 20 cm in size. Because the back pain, compared to 2 months before the tumor growth more rapidly, he was given an argon helium knife treatment, surgery and postoperative recovery is very smooth, the first day of pain disappeared. One week later, the patient was treated with transcatheter closure of giant tumor of the thoracic cavity, which further controls the
Kids Air Jordan 12 Shoes Online Sale tumor. Argon helium knife ablation for second times to be carried out after tumor reduction. The black part of the picture below is the argon helium knife in the treatment of the tumor after the formation of the ice hockey, good shape. Second hospitals in the Liaoning General Hospital of iron and steel group were guided minimally invasive tumor therapy. Because of the dean of foresight, in Anshan City took the lead through the Liaoning Provincial Environmental Protection Department of the strict EIA can thus be implemented the first case, the second case the tumor implantation in treating, respectively I buy Nike air foamposite one a close Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men to the chest wall and lung cancer pleura invasion causing pain and hilar lung cancer near the bronchial leads to frequent cough of iodine 125 seed implantation, postoperative two patients recovered well, the symptoms were improved. A layer of particle implantation is shown below. Third hospitals for the first people’s Hospital of Xiangtan, Hunan, Changsha, the distance from my home very near, from Guangzhou I love Nike air foamposite pro to Zhuzhou west 2 hours on the. The president of the hospital is very warm reception of me, this is my first time to the text

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