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the principle of photochemical than electrochemical principle of blood glucose meter test need more blood samples. The early blood glucose meter was mostly in the photochemical method

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Dwight Howard Shoes Online Sale glucose monitoring: experts teach you to buy blood glucose meter blood glucose monitoring is an indispensable link in the treatment of diabetes. The glucose meter market many brands, theoretically speaking, the blood glucose meter basic functions and to test the sensitivity little difference, just in the personalized design and use convenience I buy Nike air foamposite one is slightly different. electrode type is better than photoelectric type blood glucose meter from the working principle is divided into electrode type electrochemical method and photoelectric type photochemical method. The chemical method of the sample zone must have direct contact with the light hole, so it is easy to cause the pollution of the light hole. Therefore, the blood glucose meter of the photochemical method must always clean the hole. In general, the principle of photochemical than electrochemical principle of blood glucose meter test need more blood samples. The early blood glucose meter was mostly in the photochemical method, and the recent electrochemical method was more common. In addition, there is no difference between
Kids Jordan 11 Flyknit 151110081the injury of blood glucose meter work principle and common blood glucose meter, although the surface without blood samples were collected, but is actually naked eye observation is used to blood sampling method, working principle is the use of electrochemical method, just blood collecting method. amp; amp; amp; amp;
Dwight Howard Shoes Men Online Sale amp; two kinds of enzyme reaction the pros and cons of amp; nbsp amp; amp; amp; amp; amp; according to participate in the kinds of enzymatic reactions, blood glucose and glucose oxidase glucose meter and glucose dehydrogenase glucose meter. The differences between the two kinds of machines are mainly embodied in the anti interference of oxygen content, drug and other sugars.
Kids Air Jordan 11 Shoes Online Sale Glucose oxidase glucose has high specificity, but in the reaction process in need of oxygen. Therefore, the measurement results are vulnerable to the influence of oxygen content caused by Nike Air Max Sale For kids the deviation, strips are easy to air and oxygen react should generally be used in Kaifeng after 3 to 4 months in. Glucose dehydrogenase was not affected by oxygen molecules in the blood or air disturbance, test paper can be used to indicate the validity, I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women but due to the reaction process and participation of the coenzyme and medium, some coenzyme may and injection with maltose, oral xylose and galactose reaction, cause result in falsely elevated, such as the use of pyrroloquinoline quinone glucose dehydrogenase GDH PQQ technology of blood glucose monitoring systems. It is recommended to use NAD glucose dehydrogenase NADGDH or FAD glucose dehydrogenase FADGDH, which is able to distinguish between glucose and other sugars. In addition, the blood glucose meter and automatic temperature correction function, whether the electrochemical method or photochemical method, enzyme reaction is the basis of the test. The enzyme reaction is affected by temperature, so the blood glucose meter inside the best builtin temperature sensor, can automatically carry out the I like Nike foamposite one temperature correction, to ensure I love Nike air foamposite pro that Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men the test results are not affected by the temperature of the test. amp;nb.

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