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the world is like a play

the world is like a play. The play, for the actor, care is acting;
for spectators, care is no fun outside the value of enlightenment. br on July 1, Leiyang City, Hunan Federation of literary and art circles, party secretary and chairman of the Xiong Aichun in Leiyang community website posted his E-CIGARETTE CHINA own poetry, users have been bad review. 4 morning, bear Aichun with people will be smashed the computer community website, also let Leiyang community site staff to bring pen and paper, and wrote the bear Aichun smashing community computer. At present, the Leiyang municipal Party committee has made a deal with the suspension of Xiong Aichun. the morning news reported in July 15th br bear chairman Shu Chan smashing computer website, Disposable e cigarette the news while delaying the 10 days, reports or in public opinion set off Hot E Cig kits waves, one time bad review of the president of the Federation of
literary and art circles bear post rave reviews. Especially that bear president had a history of mental illness, the netizen is a question: but also to an officer? This is a small mental patient, and a large mental ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA patient. The strange thing is, these mental patients are good for their abacus. question is simple, reflection is too difficult. Public opinion in the net
work exploded at the same time, the official announced that in addition to President suspended and forced to bear treatment, no more information. Surging public opinion, it should be the best time to listen to public opinion. Bear the chairman of the force of the event, the official, the value of a lot of enlightenment. force like incident is the advanced culture embarrassment. E-CIG CHINA Bear like President show off literary skill is not a bad thing, but he was born in the wrong time. In the
era of information poor, sesame small officer bears the chairman of the water works, people will admire with very limited knowledge and scanty information. In the Internet era, the public’s literary appreciation is high, the cultural level of officials do not improve, to be praised as a real skill. Forced to praise, it is precisely the exposure of their own Kung fu. Forced to praise the event seems to bear the personal behavior of the bear, the official said, he is not a very Mechanical Mod and RDA good example of the negative materials? Social governance need culture, lack of cultural content of water governance, thick skinned seeking praise and even forced praise and embarrassment is only yourself. At this point, should take warning officialdom.Another enlightening value of forced like events is not uniform, public opinion. For things that can not be uniform, to more tolerant attitude, not to be forced to be. If you always go your way, Is it right? A bit too idealistic.? Xiong president angry, according to his logic is not without reason: I am a chairman of the Federation, in the palm of the site, site of our jurisdiction dare not praise, not repair your repair who! This is why the people hit the computer but also people to serve, will not write to write down how to write the word how to write. For the officialdom, if we can find power is not boundless Dharma from
forced to praise event, power failure, not the battle have little power to force others to say is contrary to convictions. People do not want, his idealism, a Nazi culture posture. Such an act is not bound to work. force like event has a value of enlightenment, which is far away from violence, not by violent means to deal with.

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