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; there is no accident

; there is no accident. one, sharing, willing to the little story. Welch Jack says the cost is the lowest. Why do you say that? Because we only take into account the cost of accounting, did not take into account the opportunity cost, did not take into account the cost of human. what is the biggest problem of the staff at the grassroots level? Mobility, always looking for work in state, it is difficult to calm in the enterprise. What is the biggest problem in the middle and upper level? Not too concerned about, there is no E-CIG CHINA business as a lifetime thing. Not at ease, with the team did ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA not feel. Why, there are such problems in high school? successful business is not, for example, fat east
to. A store of 1000 square meters, 10000 kinds of 100 employees, variety of goods, sales of 20 million, if the manager annual salary of 12 million, in Nanyang, Henan count high wages, he will conscientiously perform their duties, the steadfast work, quality and quantity, let the boss to find fault, the team with the well, products well run, Mechanical Mod and RDA but his heart will not very willing to, will have their own business plans. if this time, people negotiate wit
h him, gave him 16 million, he not be tempted, he
doesn’t have to go right now, because the boss to train him, there is grace to him, but his heart will think this matter, will always find a chance, suddenly said to the boss, don’t look at the level I don’t like, with $16 million to dig my miles. The boss said, could not His heart thumped, actually you don’t understand me. With a long time,
he will be discouraged: the boss how to say it is not ah. If the man driving 20 million, his heart must be a burst of to wildly jump, he told the boss said this streak is too hard, the body is not good, children learn to have a little problem, want to rest for a period. Boss did not listen to the core, said the rest of it. As a result of his front door, the back door to try it out. E-CIGARETTE CHINA After half a month of trial, he may find that the enterprise Disposable e cigarette can not, go to also useless, half a month later came back. May feel good, after half a month to resign. That’s what the staff is. If at 240000, estimated on the spot with the
boss to say goodbye, directly leave. br now, in the east to him to open 40 million, he thought, boss treat me so, I also want to what, when their own shop to run the. A man who can do the best he can. He will Hot E Cig kits devote to study the needs of these 100 employees, how to mobilize their enthusiasm? Will 10000 product all sales, will study a class of products out of stock, replenishment, promotions, etc., his state is not the same. State decision results. His sales will not become 30000000, this is not the profits of the enterprise? He will not bother to reduce the loss rate of business? If the reported loss rate fell to 2%, down is not profit, in the long run. So the most cost is the lowest cost of Chinese business owners are few people believe this truth, always only care about the value of customers and not care about the value of employees.

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