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to late no surgery

Tags: lung cancer is the largest cancer in china. Data show that: the average survival time of patients with lung cancer in China is only 16 months, and I like Nike foamposite one there is not much I love Nike air foamposite pro change Everyone both like Nike Free Run Men in some years. In fact, the survival of patients with lung cancer more than 16 months only! The lung cancer at hand Qiuzhi many, from the high degree of malignant small cell lung cancer, to late no surgery, or to targeted drug insensitive metastatic lung cancer, live countless. In the Beijing TV program, host Yue Yue asked me when, I blurted out of Shenzhen longterm living in patients with lung cancer name is a string! For example: Mr. Chen Zhangxing is a late stage lung cancer can not be surgery, chemotherapy several times after I buy Nike air foamposite one the do not go on, the Chinese medicine control so far! Local Lingnan University Liberal Arts History Department Professor Zhao, small cell lung cancer with coronary heart disease without surgery, chemotherapy not finished, two people have been the tenth year or lively life; another sun Shu is advanced lung cancer, no surgery, chemotherapy after several times of asthmatic attack, only to give up, only rely on the traditional Chinese medicine, live for more than six years, due to the Mende Huang, secretly smokes cigarettes and induced asthma, 78 years old. Enumeration in
Kids Air Jordan 7 151110071 the previous example of my hometown, also illustrates the problem: lung cancer and can only live for 16 months without the inevitable link. In fact, the 16 month phenomenon
Nike Free Run Women Shoes Online Sale is a big reason is eager to conquer it, eager to completely cure it, but lost their lives. Here, there is an obvious paradox! We temporarily first with paired study of facts to explain: in 2004, Dr. Chen Zi Jiu and Albert of the Yunnan Province reported in
Nike Free Run 3 Women Shoes Online Sale Cancer Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, led by the eight authoritative medical institutions to carry out joint of advanced non small cell lung cancer in multi center, randomized, double blind clinical trial of two typical cases, quite can explain some of the problems. The report is as follows: Mile County, Yunnan, the 58 year old Nike Air Max Sale For kids Ms. pan, in August 2002, is Yunnan Province Tumor hospital diagnosed for stage III B right lung squamous cell carcinoma, right clavicle metastasis, after 56 days of radiotherapy,
Kids Jordan Shoes Online Sale and taking can antagonist on the side effects of chemotherapy, and can improve on Dai of chemotherapy sensitivity of anti cancer drugs after a month of CT films showed, the right lung on the anterior segment of the right lobe lesions disappeared, after 4 months of right clavicle lymph node disappeared, patients reached complete remission, from illness to report, and normal people as high quality life for several years. Another 61 years old patients in Beijing, Mr. Liu, April 21, 2003, was diagnosed with stage III A right lung squamous cell carcinoma of the No.307 Hospital of PLA, the ipsilateral mediastinal lymph node metastasis. Patients into the group after a week, patients also I expect Nike Air Foampiste Fusion Women want to surgery and out of the group. After the operation, the patient and a series of four courses of chemotherapy, leukocyte minimum only 1200, platelet 35 million, although during chemotherapy, the repeated use of L leukocyte preparations and platelet transfusion, but after 5 months found ipsilateral clavicle lymph node and bone metastasis, in February 2004, the patient’s death, survival time of only 10 months. With right lung squamous cell carcinoma patients with metastatic, and stage III B Ms. pan than stage III a Mr. Liu more advanced, but the former has chosen appropriate treatment, patients not only the quality of life is high, and long term survival, the cost of treatment is low. We say this comparative analysis ten

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