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to seize the new opportunity to strive for new rel= Guangxi news network Guangxi daily commentator exchange of ideas

to seize the new opportunity to strive for new rel= Guangxi news network Guangxi daily commentator exchange of ideas, Hot E Cig kits ideas, enhance friendship, deepen cooperation. Held in Nanning 2015 China 500 strong business summit, to promote large enterprises to participate in local development and deepen cooperation to build a new platform. Forum focused on the along the way theme, focus on new opportunities and new, close to the overall situation, the general trend, fully reflects the large enterprises in the along the way in the construction of the mission and responsibility to play. Look forward to in large open cooperation along the way, each big enterprise grab grasp this rare historical opportunity and prowess, accomplish a great deal, win in Guangxi, in service to the overall situation of national development, driven by their own development. p in Guangxi is one of the important birthplace of the ancient Silk Road on the sea, is the only provinces and ASEAN land adjacent to the sea, in the along the way of rendezvous and docking is an important node and key areas, by the Central Committee attaches great importance to and lovi
ng care. Along the way the national policy focus to the central and western regions, inland and border regions, Guangxi is a direct beneficiary. Xi Jinping, general secretary of the NPC and CPPCC sessions in this year, Guangxi, a clear requirement for ASEAN to build an international large channel, to create a new strategic fulcrum in the south central Guangxi region, the formation of a along the way an important gateway. The
new location will be at the southwest border of Guangxi pushed to the forefront of opening up ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA to the Disposable e cigarette outside world, has brought the unprecedented historical opportunity for the development of Guangxi. Mechanical Mod and RDA Many wellknown entrepreneurs, distinguished guests and scholars gathered E-CIG CHINA in Nanning, along the way strategic conception to exchange ideas, published cohesion in insights and talents, for the development E-CIGARETTE CHINA of Guangxi pulse weapon, suggestions, has brought new thoughts and ideas of value to us. This to the vast number of entrepreneurs, especially entrepreneurs in Guangxi, open field of vision, seize new opportunities, accelerate the transformation and upgrading, and leap
over, has a very important significance. as the western frontier minority areas, Guangxi to achieve the two built the grand
goal, not only their own hard work, hard work, but also need
to support the support of large enterprises. China’s top 500 enterprises and Guangxi has been a good cooperative relations, for the economic and social development of Guangxi made a great contribution to the enterprise itself is also a huge return on investment, to achieve a winwin situation. The forum, the two sides signed a number of key cooperation projects, covering industrial, transportation, tourism, business, logistics and other areas. These projects, to enhance the development of Guangxi is very important. In recent years, Guangxi attaches great importance to the work, the introduction of fiscal, taxation, finance, technology, education, personnel and other aspects of specific measures to support enterprises to invest in Guangxi. After the project contract, Party committees and governments at all levels must take more effective measures, a more solid style, more quality environment, to the enterprise development

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