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Tuesday stocks again maintain shock consolidation trend

Tuesday stocks again maintain shock consolidation trend, since the Fed’s interest rate decision fourday losing streak trend, the Dow Jones index closed down 0.27%, the report 17550.63 point; the S amp; P 500 index closed down 0.22%, receiving 2093.34; NASDAQ index closed down 0.19 percent, received daily 5105.55. dish released before the U.S. economic data robust, benefit in transportation equipment orders soaring, the United States in June factory orders increased by 1.8%, reversing the 5 declined sharply in 1.1% of the embarrassed situation, but this week the key data is still on Friday’s non farm employment data. Earnings quarter close to the end, but the impact of earnings season is still continuing, the first is the Star stock AAPL, due to earnings report is not expected, the stock has been Mechanical Mod and RDA reported since the previous day’s high of $132.92 share continued to fall back to $114.64
share, fell below Disposable e cigarette the shock interval since the Hot E Cig kits beginning of the year, Apple’s stock market outlook for the u.s for the current stocks, the key problem in the short term interest rate hike may be only fed. Interest rates are expected to rise, the interest rate decision in
July, the United States has always been weak, and Fed officials Lockhart speech today also led to a rapid decline in U.S. stocks, in the long run, the first rate hike will not change the nature of the market, but the shortterm market volatility is Lockhart hawks position hike is expected to strengthen again
br , sinks, the trend can be described as is full of twists and turns, the European session and morning New York time most of the time, the dollar showed state of decline, but the Fed’s Lockhart’s position became the turning point, after ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA his speech USD regained days all decline, non US currencies declined across the board, the euro fell below 1.0900 mark, sterling exchange rate again below the 1.5600 mark. membership centrist Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart time said E-CIGARETTE CHINA that September is the appropriate point rate hike, unless there is a major accident, otherwise will E-CIG CHINA not change interest rates in September. In fact, this year, this is not the first time Lockhart expressed support for the September rate hike, in February and May, when Lockhart raised interest rates in September, but this position is still a significant market volatility, which is due to the Lockhart has the right to vote. From the current point of view, the majority of Fed officials support the interest rate hike in September, of course, the premise is that the U.S. economy continues to remain stable, in
September before the interest rate decision on Friday’s non farm payrolls data can be regarded as a very important economic data. the overall point of view, despite the day’s economic data on non monetary support
is limited, but today most of the time in non US currencies were maintained a strong trend. Asia announced the Australian trade deficit expanded again, but due to.

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