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two sessions this year

two sessions this year, Premier Li Keqiang in the government work report clearly put forward the Internet action plan. Guangxi Autonomous Region Party committee and government attach great importance to the development of new economy and ecommerce, accelerate the Internet action plan to implement in our district, to promote the electricity suppliers Guangxi, electricity suppliers ASEAN project. 2014, Guangxi ecommerce transactions exceeded 210000000000 yuan, a record high, an increase of 65.9%, an increase of 2 times the national average. 2015 on the basis of the results have been achieved, Guangxi will continue to implement the electricity suppliers Guangxi, electricity suppliers ASEAN project. Specific grasp of the one two one: namely, the implementation of a plan to build two pilot, accelerate the development of a number of clusters. Implementation of the E Business Plan: from 2015 began to fight for 2 years in the region’s ecommerce transactions exceeded 420000000000 yuan, more than doubled in 2014. Accelerate the construction of the two pilot: first, to promote crossborder ecommerce pilot. Two is to carry out the electronic commerce into the community pilot project. In addition, we will accelerate t
he development of a number of electronic business gathering area. To E-CIGARETTE CHINA carry out the projects: first, the cultivation and introduction of thousands of ecommerce highend talent; two is to cultivate and introduce the hundred ecommerce enterprises; three is to carry out the 4 million action plan to start the construction of ten thousand people, to promote the business enterprise, to carry out electronic business training, the implementation of ecommerce into the
village. Currently
through the implementation of these measures, effective, 1 to 3 months, Guangxi ecommerce transactions amounted to 730 million yuan, an increase of 39%. to accelerate the development of service industry in May this year, Guangxi held a number of views on accelerating the development of ecommerce, a number of ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA suggestions for building competitive advantage, the market has a broad range of radiation, strong industry agglomeration, support and protection, the application of a wide range of innovative and entrepreneurial active Ecommerce industry, the construction of China ASEAN crossborder ecommerce base of development goals, plans to Hot E Cig kits 2020 the total ecommerce transactions more than 1000000000000 yuan. Which foster the transaction volume of over 100000000000 of ecommerce platform enterprises 3, Disposable e cigarette 10000000000 yuan more than 20 yuan of electronic business platform business. Several opinions made clear the six key directions of the development of Electronic Commerce: to speed up the development of large and medium sized ecommerce platform, to promote the development of ecommerce and the manufacturing and service industries. In the several opinions in the Guangxi Autonomous Region People’s government has increased the financial and tax support
for ecommerce enterprises, the commodity ecommerce trading platform for
enterprises to suspend collection of water conservancy construction funds, the platform for the provision of third Mechanical Mod and RDA party services and commodity ecommerce trading platform to be exempt from local share part of the corporate income tax. A number of opinions in the electronic business enterprise land, finance, personnel and other aspects of policy protection, E-CIG CHINA for the electronic commerce enterprises in Guangxi’s development has created a unique environment.

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