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Original title: network of rivers and lakes, patriotism! Original song "rivers and lakes" heavy release   "the network is Kusano, Internet users is the grassroots. It should be said that there was no history of a moment, like now, the lakes and temples connected so closely integrated, the people and the Butler blend so convenient and thorough. As long as the Internet, is a real big rivers and lakes, fresh alive every person’s existence, the change of buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online every day of consultation. So: "UN High Temple" is high? As long as the attention of network information, is integrated into the people; "the far corners of the" far away? As long as China Unicom Network, is close to the country." — Xi Jinping in 4.19 network and information security work of the forum will, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out "cyberspace is hundreds of millions of people’s common spiritual
Air Jordan Shoes Men home, put forward higher requirements on the construction of Internet culture. As the Internet practitioners, founder of the spiritual home of the hundreds of millions of people, especially the Internet security practitioners, more should bear the culture construction of Internet backbone role. To practice General Secretary Xi Jinping in April 19, network and information security forum on work in the spirit of the important speech further unite social consensus, advocating universal concern of network sec
Mens Carmelo Anthony 11 Shoes 150805014urity and respect for the network security practitioners, cultivate and create a civilized i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes and healthy network safety culture, Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau in this year’s "429 capital network security," proposed to feelings of driving safety "as the theme of the buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online network security practitioners Festival concept, held a series of activities and on April 30 in the main venue for the Beijing Exhibition Center held the" network of rivers and lakes feelings casting dream "work conference. Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau Network Security Guard i like air max shoes Corps, political commissar of the Sun Hongbo, Beijing Huwei, director of the Political Department of the Public Security Bureau publicity department, Network Security Guard Corps director of the Political Department of the Zhang Jianguo attended, Internet security company and the culture of the company relevant responsible person to attend the conference. At the meeting, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau issued to the community for network security practitioners to create the song, "rivers and lakes". The works by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau political department director of Publicity Department of Huwei lyricist, composer Beijing Guanhai film culture company. It sings the praises of the network security practitioners bosom dream, the heart of the nation’s noble sentiments, obscurity, not seeking fame and fortune ethics, as well as chubaoanliang, shoulder bear moral moral sentiment. Exchange forum, Qihoo 360’s security experts Pei Zhiyong, talking about network security practitioners often full of a sense of justice, unbending, to the network security business has been lonely stick; share the spirit of
Chris Paul Shoes network security practitioners of technical excellence, never to innovation, continuous exploration in the reform of the Green League Technology Co., Ltd. Marketing Center Director Hao Donglin; Li Gang, vice president of Hangzhou Hengxin Technology Co., Ltd. is a summary of the network security practitioners engineer feelings, feelings, responsibility bear and Jianghu chivalrous four big feelings. Three Internet security industry to the big coffee industry put forward the "network security with responsibility culture
Amare Stoudemire Shoes construction and sharing of humanistic care" initiative. In order to further tap the network security practitioners behind the story, show the harbor the world, willing to do the unsung heroes of the spirit, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau will be with Beijing ink i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes Safety Culture Development Co., Ltd. hand in hand, to the network security buy air max shoes online practitioners issued a call, collect industry stories and network security and lake

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