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Under the tide of Web 2

Under the tide of Web 2, the new media to the Post Bar are represented by the rapid rise. With the advantages of the Internet platform, as well as hundreds of millions of Internet users to create massive content, new media influence has far exceeded the traditional media such as newspapers, television. To the microblogging and paste it as a representative of the new media influence, thanks to its excellent cohesion. br when only Jia Junpeng, your mother calling you home for dinner, a few words of Posts appear in Baidu Post Bar, just two days after actually attracted hundreds of thousands of people onlookers, and is quickly heated to a hot news events. In addition, in the Yushu earthquake and other major events, a lot of news reports are Internet users to create. Yushu earthquake in some of the news material, either from the post bar, or from SNS, or from the microblogging, Internet users have become the new media content producers. in the traditional media, repo
Mens Nike Free 4.0 V3 All Blackrters and editors are content maker, because these media practitioners have rich media experience and a keen sense of vision. In this newly emerging new media camp, the Internet users and no professional media experience, but no keen sense of vision. Although there is a gap between the Internet users and the media practitioners, but the value of the content created by users has been recognized. Data from DCCI research institutions show that in June of this year, UGC user generated content has been more than 50.7% of the traffic flow, accounting for the site’s content. November 3, is a famous movie star Brigitte Lin’s birthday, Lin Qingxia stick 17 fans for its crafted electronic magazine Despite the hand of the grassroots, but no less than the professional magazine, in addition to the information dynamics, including the fans of handwritten blessing, original comic, lyrics, and a very strong word game. It is not difficult to see that users interested in becoming the source of its content creation. br carefully search, we can find a lot of quality content, some common hobby friends gathered together to create. Perhaps a lot of media people have such confusion, interest is really the Internet users to make the right to print it? For Internet users, it is a manifestation of Brigitte Lin’s recognition, which is self value. This self worth is not reflected in the money to buy. Because of this, each bar will be from

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