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View blog visitors visit: 8386 bloggers integral: 155 Bowen number: Article 34 opening time: as we all know

View blog visitors visit: 8386 bloggers integral: 155 Bowen number: Article 34 opening time: as we all know, announcement Diabetes amp; diabetes
Air Jordan 1 New Packing Men Wholesale is a disease of acute life, when patients understand diagnosed with diabetes need to temporarily keep healing, and according to the fasting blood glucose and postprandial glucose and complication to mobilize healing medicines, so outside the hospital blood glucose monitoring for diabetes treatment and glycemic control shows very important, white text on old age diabetes patient blood sugar monitoring of explore to wait for for the progress of old age diabetic patients’ drug treatment compliance need to. 1 discount kids air jordan shoes amp; materials and methods amp; 1.1 amp; normal materials: September 2004 to September
Air Jordan 11 New Packing Men Wholesale 2005 live in our department consistent diagnosis of type 2 diabetes in his later years in 50 patients, and 43 male. Males and 7 females, the minimum age of 60 years of age, age i love jordan nubuck men 86, uniform 74 years, and 7 cases owned blood glucose meter. 1.2 amp; solution: we adopted the investigation of trial, in our department boarding cure diabetic patients investigated, according to survey placed aligned to the weak culture, church patient accur
Mens Air Jordan 11 New Black Whiteate use of blood glucose meter, how to monitor blood sugar. After 2 weeks of hospitalization, the patients were followed up to understand the condition of i love cheap jordans wholesale monitoring the blood glucose and blood glucose, and the data were resolved by SPSS. 2 consequence see Table 1, 2. And few bits and no analogy comparing Table 1 amp; weak culture always monitoring the blood sugar note: and culture before the match, P amp; 0.01 Table 2 amp; discharge and admission to followup monitoring of blood glucose number note: P amp; 0.01, P amp; 0.01 3 amp; reaction measurement elements amp; amp; amp; from table 2 found that as long as self blood glucose meter patients can be monitored daily 2 3 times in 7 cases 14%, and a small number of patients by Qi blood glucose meter to the hospital blood glucose
Air Jordan New Packing Shoes Wholesale monitoring, and monitoring of every week 2 3 times in 18 cases 38%, the monthly measure 2 3 times in 6 cases 12%, it is difficult to discount lebron james website understand and master the daytime blood glucose change drugging always changes. Reason: 1. All the patients thought just keep with hypoglycemic drugs or insulin injections, will be able to grasp the blood glucose, ignoring the blood glucose monitoring; 2 that daily nursing home monitoring 2 3 times of trouble; 3 because of economic reasons, I have not prepared Qi blood glucose meter, but i like lebron james 2014 monitoring urine; 4 to i like air jordan shoes men self feel approximately, that blind symptom is light, did not realize at the time the demand for blood glucose monitoring. 4 amp; talk about amp; amp; due to the reaction of the blood sugar by livelihood, activity, stress and other factors, so one day blood sugar stable. Therefore, there is no to a blood glucose monitoring consequences discriminant glucose whether deformity, blood glucose monitoring time appropriate tradeoffs are preprandial and postprandial 2H, before going to bed, all patients need 2:00 to 3:00 blood sugar detection comprehension hypoglycemia. After the investigation and medical personnel in the sex culture of the weak

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