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Visit blog: 236858 bloggers buy air max shoes online integral: 115 Bowen buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online number: 58 opening time: 20100805 children 18 Sichuan guy Xiaoliao driving electric bicycle injured king old lady. The old lady family demanded 30 thousand yuan for medical expenses, compensation for death by little Liao Wuqian, Dutch act. He wrote a suicide note before dying, said parents and sever relations, their life change. Xiaoliao parents believe that children are the king family Bisi, ordered the other complaints to the court, claims more than 76 yuan. Yesterday, Fengtai court hearing the case.
Cheap Derrick Rose II Shoes Men From China The original, the defendant in court i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes to argue who is killing children. amp; injured 70 year old woman guy suicide death of amp; Liao parents complained that, on September 13, 2009, son buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online small Liao driving electric i like air max shoes bicycle driving to the Fengtai Bai pen Yao, district near the village, banged the 76 year old Mrs. Wang, the old man was rushed to hospital for treatment, small Liao is traffic civilian police back to the traffic police detachment. Day, a son of the old lady mustered many people holding small Liao came to their temporary residence in the village of Guogongzhuang, ask for medical expenses of 3 million yuan. Xiaoliao mother objecte
Mens Derrick Rose II Shoes MDRS005d to this, many people swear by the other side. Because they can not get the money, the other party will be i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes forced to take small liao. The next afternoon, little Liao Rengwei home, Liao home on the grounds of kidnapping, the police as a non criminal cases. in September 21st of the same year, the police found all the responsibility of small Liao Fu accident. Liao two times to Wang family compensation 7900 yuan. The Wangs return Xiaoliao ID card, the key to the bike and Xiaoliao in September 13th 30 thousand yuan IOU writing. In late October, police received a report, found a small number of Liao corpse and a suicide note in a cave. The plaintiff’s agent said, the letter dated September 15th, Liao Yinggai was killed in the Dutch act. Plaintiff: 30000 IOU forced the child suicide pharmaceutical industry amp; in February this year, guidance on the reform of public hospitals in the pilot after the announcement, strengthen supervision, increase investment in public hospitals, public hospital compensation mechanism reform, the establishment of public hospital performance evaluation and incentive system has become increasingly clear. Immediately, the reform in some cities pilot, and then gradually to the national promotion. amp; not long ago, is regarded as the barometer of the national health reform of Beijing medical first action, the Beijing Municipal highprofile claimed that the full subsidies public hospital loss. This decision is considered to promote the landmark
Cheap Hardaway V Shoes Men From China decision of the reform of public hospitals. Vice Minister of health Ma Xiaowei commented that the reform of public hospitals involved in the core content, the public welfare is being implemented. The industry calls it Beijing model. but
Cheap Derrick Rose Shoes From China the question also comes with: public hospitals are also losing money? Jokes! How to calculate the cost? Who will supervise? Government pay, public hospitals are public amp; medical service cost and income serious upside down is the crux of the loss of public hospitals China Economic Weekly: some people do not understand: in the medical treatment is difficult and expensive. , public hospitals how losses? What are the main aspects of the loss of public hospitals?.

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