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Visit the blog: 4026568 bloggers integral: number of 25512 Bowen: 2502 opening time: 20120711 premature ejaculation since ancient times is the topic of men very confused

Visit the blog: 4026568 bloggers integral: number of 25512 Bowen: 2502 opening time: 20120711 premature ejaculation since ancient times is the topic of men very confused, premature ejaculation, unlike other conditions, it belongs to the male sexual dysfunction disease, suffering from the disease will make male friend very embarrassed, is male unspeakable topic, Shanghai charity andrology expert pointed out that premature ejaculation disease of men, the harm is very big, so premature ejaculation whether affect fertility it? Is premature ejaculation easily cause other disease? Some male friends show a strong sexual desire, think this is OK, is the performance of strong sexual ability. As everyone knows, in fact, is also a pathological condition, it is likely to have a sexual desire. Patients with sexual desire, it will appear too much excitement, too fast, too much drama and more than the normal state of the situation. Even daily sexual intercourse, even day and night repeatedly asked for sexual life, still can not be met. What are the dangers of sexual hyperactivity? 1. Genital due to the impulse of continuous and repeated, both men and women will be aggravated the burden of the central nervous system and genital control, often results will extremes mee
Mens Derrick Rose III Shoes Orange Greyt, but will i like air jordan shoes men cause sexual function recession, resulting in sexual function discount lebron james website premature aging. 2 poor physical condition: for both men and women, will result in a greater consumption of
Derrick Rose Shoes Men Wholesale physical strength, a long time, will inevitably lead to poor physical condition. Then it will also affect the state of mind, even thinking ability, memory, analysis ability and so on will go from bad to worse.
Dwyane Wade Shoes Wholesale 3. Cause sexual dysfunction: men often repeat of life, extend ejaculation time, because the second sex ejaculation appears sure time than the first minister, which is buried under the future evoked impotent, do not ejaculate, ejaculation time delay, i love jordan nubuck men life no pleasure of sexual dysfunction problems. 4. Increase the low back strain: men often repeat of life, because genital repeated and persistent congestion, cause prostatitis, seminal vesicle is phlogistic wait for a disease, not only caused perineal ministry unwell, lumbar acerbity backache will appear hematic semen. i like lebron james 2014 Women discount kids air jordan shoes often repeat of life, genital is always in bloodshot condition, can cause pelvic congestion, backache, lower part of the body is heavy wait for unwell feeling. 5. After many times of satisfaction decreased, regardless of i love cheap jordans wholesale gender, frequent sexual life, sexual satisfaction degree than before a should be poor, so easy to cause psychological impact, think oneself ability, eventually leading to because of the psychological and mental factors induced sexual dysfunction. 6. No response period is too long: man after sex with a no response period, namely after the end of the sex have a period of time no longer react to stimuli. Often repeated sexual life will be prolonged period of non response, it is easy to cause sexual dysfunction. Men’s sexual desire hyperthyroidism how to do? Timely medical treatment and constraints of life man hypersexuality, both husband and wife jointly developed a sexual
Derrick Rose III Shoes Men Wholesale life plan, compulsive regulation how many days, a onetime life, at the same time to consult doctors promptly, reasonable and effective treatment, and the frequency of sexual life to develop reasonable, in moderation, not too frequent or too less. The key is to have a control principle, must not exceed the requirements, otherwise the spouse must be rejected. The other.

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