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Visit the blog: 70213 bloggers integral: 83 points Bowen number: 14 opening time: 20101110 today already is on the last day of the first stage

Visit the blog: 70213 bloggers integral: 83 points Bowen number: 14 opening time: 20101110 today already is on the last day of the first stage, today’s 81 kg weight, from the 84.5kg to 81 kg, 12 days reduced the 7 pounds, or very satisfied, to fill a note of these two days of record: the day before yesterday, before dinner in the store to sneak in, place to run for nearly 1 hour, because the intermediate reception customer several times to stop, even 40 minutes, do dumbbell exercise 150, home and to do 20 minutes of yoga. Dinner or a small bowl of rice and some lamb chops, because during the day and there is no good to eat, so the meal before the fear of violence, eating a handful of nuts. After dinner go to the supermarket to purchase. Yesterday, breakfast, a piece of bread, a tomato for lunch, half a pie, foreigners pie estimation high calorie, so learn to eat half a middle and a handful of cherry tomatoes. There is still a run for 40 minutes, one hour after doing dumbbell exercise 160. Dinner, the other half of the remaining pie, a white chocolate ice cream and then went to the supermarket to stock. This morning, two toast, a few leftovers cauliflow
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Womens Air Jordan Shoes many at noon: a potato pies in the afternoon, my husband asked the two guests, so 4 and eat a meal, some salmon fillet, six pieces of chicken meat, several piece of egg copy i love jordan nubuck men asparagus, a few bites of rice, feel good support. Night can’t eat any more, more exercise. So 5:40 began running on the spot 1 hours and 10 minutes the middle 5 and 6 times to stop customers, dumbbell exercise 170. Go home at night and do 30 minutes of yoga, looking forward to tomorrow’s effect. The first stage of experience: feeling really small appetite, eat enough, more support. Smoke movement time a day, tired and happy, no taboos, basically is to want to eat what eat what, only pays attention to the concept of so that on average two days minus 1 kg, it is estimated that I too discount lebron james website fat, the reduction is still a bit fast the doctor’s friends recommended i love cheap jordans wholesale a month minus 5 6 pounds and is estimated that in the future i like air jordan shoes men will gradually slowed down. The first stage of initial success, lose weight 7 pounds. What do the next stage, have not considered good, for a 9 day not relax, to 30 this month, minus 45 jins, target 79kg. The second stage of the topic Called 79kg. amp; home yesterday to do yoga for
Womens Air Jordan 14 Winter Style 30 minutes, then eat dinner, a small bowl of rice, plus a lot of soy braised lamb chops, eat a lot of, but this morning light 0.5kg, 82kg. It seems busy physical exercise can not be ignored. Today breakfast, a piece of bread and a cup of sweet coffee lunch: a tomato, a piece of bread today do not want to take care of things, really is busy all day, at noon the bread has been eating until six o’clock in the afternoon, whole busy more than nine hours, just sit down and codeword, feel tired, but I feel there
Womens Air Jordan Future Low 11 is no motion, do not consume calories, for a i like lebron james 2016 moment to seize the time to take exercise. Continue to work hard to lose weight. Last night she ate a piece of steamed fish egg, a bowl of cut vegetables, then discount kids air jordan shoes go to bed, said this morning is still 82.5kg, really dizzy. This morning.

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