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Visit the blog: 81518 bloggers integral: 9:05 Bowen number: 80 opening time: 20110729 amblyopia is children is a common eye disease

Visit the blog: 81518 bloggers integral: 9:05 Bowen number: 80 opening time: 20110729 discount lebron james website amblyopia is children is a common eye disease, or is the binocular or monocular, stereo vision is not fine. Give children bring great harm, must be treated as early as possible is, then in the treatment of children with amblyopia to do matters needing attention before, then amblyopia treatment to pay attention to what below to all parents introduce. Why amblyopia early discovery and treatment. The public i like air jordan shoes men eye hospital experts said: amblyopia is a common in children of an eye disease, he is caused due to various reasons, common in i love jordan nubuck men the child’s life and learning to bring great harm, for this kind of amblyopia disease, the doctor suggested earlier found early treatment is better then why does amblyopia was found early and treat it? According to the daily observation: see hi nearly; nystagmus; head abnormalities skew; watch TV squinting; loneliness; to turn a blind eye to the amp; phenomenon about 3 months baby not to fixate the target not with people or objects move and rolled their eyes. Above the situation to suspect that abnormal vision. Of course, can also go to the hospital to check. Amblyopia mainly in 1 3 years old form, the principle of treatment of amblyopia sooner, the better, but because within 6 months of good eye
Mens Dwyane Wade II Dark Gray Whiteeyesight is very poor, the development is not perfect, even if amblyopia should not take cover treatment, otherwise easily lead to good eye amblyopia. Generally covered by the appropriate age of 3 i like lebron james 2014 6 years old, more than 6 years of effect is very poor, more than 12 years of age it is difficult to achieve therapeutic effect. However, due to the progress of modern science, the progress of treatment of amblyopia, the effective age of treatment may be extended. Many parents believe that amblyopia should wait for school after the treatment, when the child is sensible, easy to cooperate with the treatment, in fact, this i love cheap jordans wholesale is wrong. Amblyopia treatment is closely related with age, the younger the age, the better the effect. Some studies show that: within 2 years of age for the critical period, 8 years ago for the sensitive period, more than 12 years of age after the treatment effect is questionable. Adult treatment, there is little effect. Therefore, the public hospital experts said: the early detection of amblyopia early treatment. Amblyopia in the treatment should pay attention to what matters when the treatment of amblyopia in the treatment should pay attention to the following points: 1, Dai Jing, covering the treatment at the same time, we must strengthen the training of fine work. Correcting the erroneous view that leads to the decline of visual acuity. In fact, discount kids air jordan shoes the more use of amblyopia, visual acuity increased faster. Parents in addition to urge the children to complete the training on time, but also can often transform the new form, homemade or buy some auxiliary therapeutic equipment, improve the training of children’s interest. 2, some children because the cover after
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Jeremy Lin Shoes Wholesale around, dubbed reluctant to adhere to the treatment or wear an eyeshade in front of their parents, behind and remove, make parents totally unaware. This is often the cause of the effect is not obvious. If there are such cases, to be patient education children, to persuade them to adhere to treatment. Also need to contact the teacher, ask them to do a good job of children, and urge them to adhere to treatment. 3 glasses, with
Dwyane Wade II Shoes Men Wholesale a good we must urge children to wear, and as the doctor regularly re examination mydriatic optometry.

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