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Wang jade note: Super non-agricultural to

Wang jade note: Super non-agricultural to, commodity accept baptism [hot news]?? with the gold price of gold unilateral downward, reaching lows over the past five years, and China as the gold reserves in the world also suffer, since mid July, the people’s Bank of China,
the central bank’s gold reserves, has lost about 30 billion, for holders of gold, for the position of gold investment said very concerned. ??? today it is to be released in July, the United States non agricultural population employment data, if the data is growing, then it means that the Fed rate hike in the immediate. This is a huge impact on E-CIG CHINA the investment market. ?? Shocks down China’s stock market in E-CIGARETTE CHINA July, for investors in the stock market, no less than the last straw that broke the camel, caused by the departure of a large number of retail, the stock market trading volume has shrunk dramatically, for the second half of the stock market is facing a huge challenge. The United States non agricultural
population employment data for the investment market, this is a huge opportunity for the stock market, the stock market Hot E Cig kits is a serious downside, for large shareholders, if there is no correspondin
g response measures, the stock price will further downward, this vicious cycle is not the state, investors or shareholders are not willing to see. The RMB exchange rate, the recent stock market down, seriously affect the development of other industries, which is also subject to pressure, and the recent dollar, the currency of the country is also a pressure, Disposable e cigarette so the exchange rate of the RMB exchange rate will face tremendous pressure. Commodities are in
18 of the 22 kinds of commodities, or more than 20%, commodities have entered a technical bear market, the same as in 2008, the financial market turmoil has led to a global market slump, the dollar’s strength has become a market downturn, which is one of the important relationship between supply and demand, the recent commodity is still in a weak position. The silver price is basically in a low, down the space is limited, the market downturn, so silver is still in a concussion, above the pressure of 2920, below the support of 2860 spot crude oil yesterday is still the basic trend, in the 2160 position short of friends, the basic grasp of a day’s profit, crude oil due to the impact of the market, the recent trend is still a downward trend, or insist on before the point of view of crude oil will
test 2000. [operation strategies spot silver Ning Guiyin: 1. Sub silver tray or in 2920 – 2860 interval according to low and sell high Jabi operating practices, with a 30 point stop. 2 evening non farm market in accordance with the trend of the trend to do a single. 3? Above points are mainly Guiyin Ning, please check the premium documentary. Crude oil spot rather expensive oil: 1. Asian plate rebound in crude oil to 2150 – 2160 in short, target see 2100, with a 30 point stop. Mechanical Mod and RDA 2? The evening non farm market in accordance with the trend of the trend to do a single. 3. The above points are to be more ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA expensive, with a single, please check the premium. Financial data and events of today’s focus 20

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