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Wang Xinxi Youku Tudou announced in 2012 last year after the merger

Wang Xinxi Youku Tudou announced in 2012 last year after the merger, and Alibaba announced a strategic investment and partnership, once caused great concern, but the excellent soil, Ali shares, but did not produce a chemical reaction, much as in the past, Youku also at a loss. According to media sources, since June to 2014 listed Youku, Youku loss 1700000000. Data shows, only in the 2014 fiscal third quarter, Youku potatoes net loss has reached 180000000 yuan. costs and optimize the organizational structure to promote battalion harvest and soil heavy based on the profitability of the dilemma, not long ago, Youku Tudou announced the formation of a new organizational structure, set up a cultural BU Division and innovative marketing BU, Youku, potatoes, forming one pictures, cloud entertainment, culture, innovation and marketing six BU, cooperation and jointly promote the video broadcast, film making, game and brand marketing, the hardware business. In the organizational structure adjustment, but also trying to mesh structure centered learning Ali, Tencent, thus forming a separate independent settlement of the studio system, contributed to the diversification of income change. we know that as early as 2012 August, Youku potatoes hereinafter referred to as excellent soil announced after the merger, will be firmly secured the top spot in the network video market. Later Alibaba and Yunfeng fund to $1220000000 stake Youku potatoes, brought a lot of advertisers youku. After the excellent soil consolidation, with new business expanding, which makes the operation and sales, marketing, personnel costs rising rapidly, in addition to Youku homemade drama continues to drive the route, as well as excellent soil consolidation after the need to attract new members to promote new business operations, Youku the expenses have been extremely negative, according to the income data of 2014 excellent soil showed excellent soil, occupy the 90% of net profit of advertising revenue grew 34%, operating, marketing and product development costs were up 30%50%. The objective factors which is excellent soil loss, through open source income. The organization structure is the most important. backed Ali electricity supplier platform though, Youku potatoes did not get rid of the longterm loss of the dilemma, and even the first position in the field of video is in jeopardy. At present, the video industry is nominally excellent soil ranked first in market share, in fact we see, excellent soil crisis is not eliminated, therefore did not have to build core strength. excellent soil has not formed a dominant pattern limited advertisers to competition and profit of because in the domestic video market, after the excellent soil consolidation pattern did not change much, the fundamentals are still feudal lords vying for the throne, the powers hegemony this turbulent pattern. The Internet in China is special. As we know, in the field of domestic Internet market, are often show a dominant pattern. The search market is Baidu alone big, Baidu occupied.

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