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where the staff will protect children

Chain of home network advertising police NUPI speculation on April 30, and a message about the chain of home real estate in the circle of friends crazy spread and even Jordan Chan in the recommended! The news said: from May 25, the chain of the 6000 stores will become China lost contact children guard station, please parents to tell the children, as long as lost with his family, home chain, where the staff will protect children, help children to go home… However, this is at present is indeed from the chain home official "advertising", but it caused revulsion at the police. And this aversion even strongly to when buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online the circle of friends yesterday has just begun to be brushed chain of home of the
Scotty Pippin Shoes "advertising" before long, @ Chongqing police net is first time stand out attacked the chain is the wrong approach, is pure in the "show". It turned out that the police according to the experience of the proposal is: if a child and family lost, the best choice should be to stay in place, do not go with anyone, until the police and family intervention. Now the chain of home actually transferring separated from their families, children mood of anxiety, incredibly full avenue to find the chain stores, police and suggests a complete opposite? Why do you do it? In a web site from a "marketing soft Wen", the chain home claims that he is with a called "Chinese c
Mens Nike All Stars Shoes Grey Blackhildren missing early warning platform" of the agency cooperation. So this "platform" and what is the origin of it? According to media reports, the "platform" is by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, child safety technology fund and the Ministry of public security the Third Research Institute Co sponsored, aimed at establishing a China "missing children’s social emergency response mechanism". And the so-called response mechanism is as long as the parents of the child’s identity information to login the platform, and complete the certification, then once the missing children, parents can quickly for immediate release early warning information, inform the police, 110 will according to specify the location of the incident with the jurisdiction of the public security organ in a timely manner the police. And chain home, claiming that they cooperate with the platform, after the child lost, they can take the initiative to go near the chain stores for help, waiting for the police and parents to find them. Chain family claimed that their stores in the country’s coverage is very large, so the child to find their stores will be very convenient, as long as they go into any one area, there is a great probability to see the chain stores". However, this still can not change the Internet a lot of police account for the event of conflict. After all, the chain of home claims from a realistic point of view too many loopholes. Chain of the so-called coverage of a large number buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online of stores this condition, only in accordance with the real estate transaction developed areas, the number of 6000 stores are also concentrated in these big cities. In reality, the number of police stations in the country more than 40 thousand, but also in the city, town, township full coverage. . according to the recommendations of the police, children lost in waiting for parents to, as long as the refusal to
Kids Nike NBA Star Shoes go with strangers, is found for the probability i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes may be a little larger, if the children ran to find a chain of stores, greatly increased chance of contact with a stranger, but
Nike All Stars Shoes greatly improved the risk of children. Three. Who should be trusted when it i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes is in buy air max shoes online conflict with the recommendations provided by the police? "It is difficult to find the police" should be the child’s i like air max shoes most easy to remember the law, if the parents because they believe that the chain of home to find the children in the publicity and give up the education

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