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who moved my money box Original: Liu Lingxiao walk in the street

who moved my money box Original: Liu Lingxiao walk in the street, this time looking at all kinds of fashion, they are swimming, watching, or from the supermarket, or into the department store, or in the street. I stood in a corner to stamp the foot to watch, to see their backs, the positive side, turn around, especially the girls, first awakening interest in the opposite sex, puberty, amorous feelings, their body beautiful charm, coupled with that of Zhang Liangli’s face, more swaying, tide and beautiful two words covering the whole content. Once, in a corner of the square, a big boy immersed string arms guitar, beside him sat a girl, she sing sweet songs of youth, I stumbled back, that little innocence, infected people to middleaged me. The girl is wearing a smile with the waist of a yellow sweater, most woman wearing on the street with pure white neck, and she was different, a green a close fitting clothes, wearing a light gray jeans, can create new styles out of out of the ordinary girl charm, natural random fashion, visible in her aesthetic have their own creativity. She got up and went away, presumably to buy a drink or something, like a flying butterfly, hidden among the flowers. So that I can not help but be filled with a thousand regrets, remind me into the already forget the memory. the memories of his childhood, I usually wear two sister left, have the Spring Festival not to pass through the new clothes. Our family of six brothers and sisters, in the era of material scarcity, sturdy mother never let the children dressed in rags over. In my memory, my mother work more, sometimes I wake up, or early in the morning, or late at night, found a family of eight is a shop kang people were asleep, only the mother accept sole in the faint light, or sewing, the stacks of cloth shoe soles, need a needle stitch, that a summer and winter spring and autumn clothes need stitch sewing. Condition slightly good point, children also gradually big, mother to sell the house in a pig, in addition to buy some home life outside the fuel, just fashionable Dacron clothes, my mother bought two pieces, two sister two really good clothes, sister look, sister, sister is not high after put on clothes, is particularly large, two sleeves are particularly long, mother reluctant to cut a hemline. The pink, pale green, give sister wore, and love can be. Smiling saw sister wear, say in the mouth: good, good. Besides, elder sister has always been beauty ah! And long the models figure. The second sister of tears of the mother did not see. Only her aesthetic, the mother is not messing up clothes and cut down, that it is a waste of the finished clothes, mother often said: into the material can not be damaged! Unlike now all kinds of clothing, some jeans knee deliberately make a big hole, that is fashionable. Speaking of sister, can only say that the birth of that era, a superb collection of beautiful things have now clothing let mother selected

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