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why are young people in Hongkong more desperate than young people in mainland China

why are young people in Hongkong more desperate than young people in mainland China? , as a Chinese I love Hongkong gangster films, like Victoria Harbour and charming night, like beautiful girls in Hong Kong Cantonese speaking. And as a people in Hong Kong. They told me i like air max shoes that he didn’t like the cramped living space in Hong Kong, do not like the Hong Kong Housing prices high prices, more don’t like Hong Kong rising channel narrow. And even despise the poor pride of i like Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes Hongkong. The despair of the young people from Hongkong, once refreshed my understanding of Hongkong. I have i like Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes a high school classmate, the University of a university in Guizhou, four of the time to take an examination of Chinese University Hong Kong graduate. We can not deny the Hongkong university level or beyond the reach of most domestic universities. So it is a good opportunity to be educated in Hongkong. From Guizhou to Hongkong, although the distance is not long, but the consumption is very far away, she was in the Chinese University tuition fees of 100 thousand Hong Kong dollars a year, accommodation meals include other costs, a year to close to spend 200 thousand. To know, in the University of Guizhou, she spent four years on the 100 thousand yuan. Fortunately,
Jordan 5 Nubuck MJ5N02she is a hardworking girl, take the school scholarship, stumbled finished graduate, had a monthly salary of 4 million work, but she decided to give up the work of
Cheap Jordan Nubuck Men Shoes From China the Hong Kong back to the buy Cheap Nike Air Max 2010 Womens Shoes online mainland, which is a retreat can defend the example, we don’t adapt to Hong Kong, at least we can to leave him. we know that moving to a city to meet at least four conditions: housing, industry, marriage, children. Although Hongkong is an international city, but the home is still a top priority for young people in Hongkong. A Yu is a university in Hongkong, a financial professional. Hong Kong as one buy Cheap Nike Air Max LTD Womens Shoes online of the Asian economic tigers, as one of the highest international financial center, financial professionals, there has been no shortage of good
Cheap Jordan 3 Nubuck Mens Shoes From China salary. Ayu after graduation is engaged
Cheap Glow in the Dark Jordan 13 Mens Shoes From China in the financial industry for three years, still can not afford to pay Shoufu in Hong Kong, in order to earn more money, he turned to the investment bank, began to travel around the world, countless every day and night work accumulated experience, but also the accumulation of wealth. When he saved enough money to buy a house, suddenly found themselves have been used to the life in a foreign country, while in a foreign country he spent only a quarter of their savings to buy a set of very comfortable house. In the end, he gave up Hongkong, and chose to stay abroad. these higher intellectuals, still unable to pay the high prices, the young and how to deal with? countless pharmacies in Hongkong, there are chain, there are self. I know a pharmacy of wage earners, with no college education, only in pharmacies to carry goods sellers, age is over thirty years old, a female friend not married, because can not afford to buy housing, or can not afford to rent a house. He worked at the pharmacy every month with a monthly salary of. Spare time to send micro channel circle of friends to do shopping. he told me that he was twentytwo years old, Hongkong’s wage level is eight years later, today, Hongkong has buy air max shoes online ten times the price of different wages, and wages rose by three thousand. I said 8 years ago, why don’t you go to the mainland to buy a house? There are so many

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