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why the United States to resist China’s Anti Japanese military parade

why the United States to resist China’s Anti Japanese military parade? Ding Dong ; China will be the first in the national day to commemorate the national grand military parade, so that the world’s attention. This is one of China’s new generation of leaders made different decisions, and therefore also attracted much attention, multinational government and military leaders were invited to attend the event. But which countries will accept
the invitation to participate in the event has become the biggest one of the biggest suspense so
far. Russian President Vladimir Putin is the first foreign leaders to participate in this event, which is based on the principle of equality and mutual benefit between the two sides, the Chinese President Xi Jinping in May despite the western and Ukraine Mechanical Mod and RDA boycott of the same nature of the military parade in moscow. Egyptian Foreign Ministry official also in a formal event that Egypt between the two countries is a comprehensive arrangement president Cecilia to participate in the parade activities related matters. But in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in a routine meeting statement confirmed its leaders will attend the parade, held in the same period the BRICs summit but this is happening. This shows that the organization of other countries India, Brazil, South Africa, is sti
ll ambiguous attitude. new report pointed Disposable e cigarette out that India, considering Japan’s attitude, for the parade at the Chinese in a dilemma. Also difficult for the South Korean President Pu Jinhui, she was accused of being discouraged by the United states. As far as the current knowledge is concerned, the leaders of the United States and the West will not be present
at this event. Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo after a period of time to consider, but also decided to give up the visit to Hot E Cig kits china. It can be predicted that China’s E-CIGARETTE CHINA sovereignty over the disputed territory of China in Southeast Asia will also be absent. this means that China will face a similar situation with russia. And China have its sovereignty over the disputed territory, existing geopolitical struggle and in the field of values opposite countries will refuse to attend the activities, and those Chinese simultaneous total gas, or wish for the from China’s huge economic and financial share cake, will meet the face of the Chinese government, held in front of the Tiananmen Square military parade. These countries may include Russia, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and other Member States, Pakistan, Mongolia, Belarus, and Africa, Asia, Latin America, the leaders of many countries. Some countries, such as India, or to send a representative of the lower level delegation to attend, so as not to offend Chinese. p but the pattern is already apparent: in western countries especially the United States and Japan as the core, to China formed to resist the trend, some other with China conflicting interests of countries and in between China and E-CIG CHINA the west wind blows the countries, and perhaps will be with the Chinese Anti Japanese War parade activities
keep at a distance. comparison of Russia, the first time in the ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE CHINA National Day parade held in China, may be more concerned about the position and attitude of other countries on this activity. It is considered China’s new international status, international influence and appeal as well as an image of China’s new government leadership.

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