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With the national team as well as the main support and not attack

p. With the national team as well as the main support and not attack, stocks appear reluctant to sell, there are signs, retail investors to the bottom of the flesh out, we have to learn to recognize. long term look at the risk of the stock of the ghost stock blowing intraday tips, i love jordan nubuck men my blog address: Summary on Wednesday 1 March 20 replay: br yesterday’s closing comment mentioned: Shanghai Composite Index shortterm bull strengthened line for 3012, only station on the points, followup rebound will continue. br comment: market in early trading today the highest point rushed 3012 points highest 3016 points, only error 4 points, but there is no effective stand, very fall 3012 point, all the way down, green day disc closing. That shortterm not strong, still in the stage of the end mill. br yesterday’s closing comment mentioned: Wednesday if the market is opened or Chonggao down, support 2960 points without breaking the premise in May will rebound wave, the mind must be stable and do not panic, i like lebron james 2014 at the end of the grinding stage is shaking up and down to give more force bottom Xichou Jiancang, but also induced r
Mens Amare Stoudemire Shoes Black Redetail at the bottom of the flesh. comments: the lowest point of all day long only hit 2951 points, with the support of 2960 points only error 9 points, on the rebound. That is still the main force in the support, but the strategy is to support and not attack. br 1 i love cheap jordans wholesale on Thursday 21 trader main suggestions: br today, Wednesday market day showing 29503012 point of discount lebron james website the narrow range of shock, crash at the bottom of the normal grinding bottom stage there will be signs. From technical analysis, it is up to yesterday’s rapid correction, whether the
Charles Barkley Shoes Wholesale market or stocks are a breakthrough after the 5 day moving average back on the 5 day moving average support to do confirm. br whether we predict is bullish or bearish, funds do a good job in batch and out and position controls can help investors to avoid risks and get a larger income. Can refer to the following support pressure trader method to operate: br note: recently in the market shock grinding bottom stage, before no breakthrough pressure or below the support discount kids air jordan shoes and operation of the proposed basic almost, so isn’t a ghost shares blowing lamp lazy. br 1, on Wednesday, the Shanghai index and gem index although did not fall 5 day moving average, but need to pay attention to is tomorrow the Shanghai index must break
Amare Stoudemire Shoes Men Wholesale through the above 3012, gem must keep to 2180 points above, otherwise the 5 i like air jordan shoes men day moving average will Guaitou downward on the index downward pressure. But a 5 day moving average turn head
Amare Stoudemire Shoes Wholesale downwards and the Shanghai Composite Index fell below the second support 2907, then we’ll do it again a measurement point in the vicinity of 2844 support action, in 60 minutes graphics make W at the end of the right foot 2844 bit again fell below. The Shanghai index shortterm strong line is 3012 points, only standing on this point, the subsequent rebound will continue. Once stood 3012 points, the 3012 points can be regarded as shortterm support

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