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Wood is capable of secondary growth of plants

Wood is capable of secondary growth of plants, such as trees and shrubs, the formation of the woody tissue. After the growth of the primary growth, the plants in the root of the root of the vascular formation layer began to activities, the development of the phloem, the development of wood. Wood is a general term for the development of plant tissues in the formation of the vascular wall. Wood plays a great role in human life. According to the different nature of wood, people use them in different ways. Wood application has a history of thousands of years, can now be the rise of wood, wood is now a new type of wood, do you understand? Below to introduce the knowledge of this area. the longest anticorrosive wood preservative time up to 30 years br consumers is no stranger to the word wood preservative, but wood preservative properties and use category is most consumers do not understand. Into the anticorrosive wood store in rich decorative Yat Plaza, like into the outdoor tourist attracti
Mens Lebron James Soldier 6 Dark Blue Whiteons, swing, pavilions, and plank paved trail in the country. In the midst of this atmosphere feel very comfortable, room conversation as is sales staff and consumers of the game, is more like a family and friends in the outdoor travel whispering. br you know wood has the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction, afraid of the wind are also afraid of the sun, but after the special craft processing wood like wearing armor, are not afraid of wind and rain, is not afraid of ant moth bite, this is in recent years, to become the new darling of the outdoor furniture wood preservative. Industry insiders, anticorrosion wood has become an important material in the garden, balcony, roof and other space, wood market is very popular. Just imagine, long pieces of wood that is set in the landscape balcony upper berth, separated by a small stone and wood, banner barefoot strolls in the wood preservative, cross legged or listen to the green breathing, feel the natural pure, that is how happy. The characteristics of br insiders said that no wood natural has a strong environmental protection must be through special craft processing to make the effectiveness of the enhanced. Under normal circumstances, the wood after drying treatment, vacuum pressure, add preservatives and other special anticorrosion treatment, can become a preservative wood, so that it has to be an anticorrosion, anti termites, anti fungus, and other effects, can adapt to the outdoor environment of poor. However, the corrosion resistance and cracking of the wood is not contradictory, usually wood, perennial wind and rain, there is cracking, deformation is inevitable. Hugh

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