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Yang Lianning: Tiger Hill is actually great determination and courage

Yang Lianning: Tiger Hill is actually great determination and courage! why is the tiger mountain great determination and courage? Because only do corrupt officials, do not change the system is invalid labor! One former Commission officials have said, the Commission has just set up in the 1980’s, anticorruption is carrying a gun filled the sky to find birds come to play I know that playing in lower Jiangxi in Anhui Huang Huang Ni brainstorming, provincial and ministerial level officials of the amount of bribery, according to today’s case bottom are enough grievance the discipline inspection officials say, bird played for 20 years, now closed his eyes on the sky just put one gun, will drop several bird sporadic gun, has been unable to crow and the sparrow deterrent overwhelming it officialdom has already become filled with unclean bird’s cage! who knows, the Commission has set up 36 years, the Ministry of supervision has been established for 30 years; and the establishment of more than 20 years of high anti corruption Bureau, the first director Luo Ji Department of me at the Central Party school students and deputy director of the Huang Lizhi is involved in corruption Lok ma. Looking back at the history of anticorruption, who can not asking me that sentence: why anticorruption become a more brush more dirty toilet brush? what is the historical nihilism? I think, praise eighteen since the anticorruption storm is There was no parallel in history. people, is the historical nihilism example! Who knows, of punishing corrupt officials, history, no one can go beyond Zhu Yuanzhang peeler and push the grass and Mao Zedong mass movement, even though the two are separated by 600 years. Zhu Yuanzhang’s anticorruption has many repeatedly Su, that Hongwu nineteen years 1386, the country’s 13 provinces from the palace to the county few officials can do full term, most of them were killed prisoners. But Zhu Yuanzhang is still not relent and appeal to the masses, Dahir people can next door into the public and turned over the corrupt official to Beijing: I want to kill corrupt officials, did not think of the morning after killing, night you make again, don’t blame it on me, the future of bribery and corruption, need not be limited to sixtytwo, all kill! So, when the same wholesale list sent official 364 people, all for the examination supervisor, a year later killed 6 people, put to death, and flow offence 358 people or killed or imprisoned or flow, and all 364 people, is Murder will out.? however after 600 years, the history had a stunning through: Mao Zedong used Siqing and the Cultural Revolution to mobilize the masses to purge of cadres, but also no less than that the whole cadre masses, the masses of cadres; the cadre masses of cadres, the whole people, the socalled revolution, has become almost a meat grinder, dear Li who can forget? With the purge and replacement of cadre way to fight against corruption and degeneration, unlike

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