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Yu Chunming group

Yu Chunming group, rural areas do not have high voltage, rolling rice machine, production and life of the pump, when the drought and illumination use diesel engine driven generators have to rely on. Remember the primary school, our group only three diesel engines: a forty horsepower, on the east of the pond lake, farmland drought management three production team; a twenty horsepower, put in the brigade department; a five horsepower, a team using three months. Three diesel engines are built a special room, outside the building soil pump high, even the canal. The water pump and the water all the year round outdoor placed outside, rusty. At that time, the only equipment modernization of these machines is in rural areas. each machine equipped with a special driver. The driver must understand the diesel generator is simple in principle, the general is by reading a few years, there is little knowledge of young people as. Because the driver season does not need to work in the field, to avoid the hot sun hard, this career became popular, everyone wants to, fierce competition. In that year San the five horsepower diesel engine in the drought seedlings critical moment suddenly silent, the driver is a novice, just shortly after taking office, community station driver examination, discovery is being blocked by cotton oil. Reflected in the brigade, commune brigade report, alerted the county public security bureau. After investigation, was appointed by driver. His family is rich in the composition of the driver, the taking class struggle as the key link, composition of poor people is different, certainly can not do the driver, shortly before being replaced. Who knows the man is not satisfied, want to make trouble, let the novice to come to him, he must not only reflect the lack of good, but the results. Through exaggeration, disrupting production on charges of escape, married the murderer was sentenced to five years in prison. Speaking of new and old drivers, they are cousins of his. This result makes a person feel not the taste. Later, he was released from prison, but his wife had remarried, no home. Perhaps the depressive illness, about five or six years later, he was sick to death, this is something. in the machine station as the driver though popular, but very busy. At that time, the government attaches great importance to agricultural production, farming area reached a historical peak. Each year, seasonal drought, water pump is not stopped all the time. The driver must keep in there, a failure will have to think of a way to eliminate all day wearing greasy overalls and hard enough. Is in the offseason, have to bear the task of rolling rice farmers. Compared to pumping, over M is a dirty job. Dust with rice bran are raised, not to wear a mask, choke. But along with rolling, must be always on, service attitude is better, it is difficult. remember the most glorious period in the station is the Cultural Revolution period, probably in 1974, the brigade bought a generator and its equipment, illuminated village. This is the first time the villagers cheered, called the pearl. The generator is driven by a diesel engine, but the need of electricity is more complex, the driver can not do. At that time, the knowledge of sent down youth to the countryside, just have this talent.

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